Version 0.0.6 – 2017-7-9
Improvement: new install gives the orginal mac instead of virtual mac.
Setting: Choose virtual MAC or orginal MAC (restart needed after its modified.)
Stop button works on VOD
Settings Auto-update function included
crash on Vu boxes fixed
OE25 update fixed
Setting: Font can be made bigger
Full epg goes to current playing program
New feature: Local recording on some boxes it can still play the existing program on some boxes it gives black but records
Less Requests to server
New Feature: Take the time over of the server to your box. this can fix the issue 1-1-1970 or 1-1-2000
Some style fixes
Loading of lists are optimized and faster.
Settings: Custom colors
Version 0.0.4 – 2017-6-25
A lot of different improvements
Faster Opening channellist
Version 0.0.3 - 2017-6-23
- MAC bug fixed
- Default enigma2 player value fixed
- Buttons added on validation screen
- Back to history fixed
- Main screen font/menubar/bg
- Archive is faster, go back, without reloading it.
-Update function improved
- Validation Improved
Version 0.0.2 – 2017-6-18 
- (New) Design
- (Improvement) Align Design
- (New) TV Archive
********When channel is recording there will be an icon shown
********Play archived video
- (New) Font
- (New) Full EPG list
- (New) Button Settings
********Automaticly starting application while booting enigma2
********Choosing enigma2 player (default 1, if old box you need to set to 2)
********Showing all categories in live and vod can be set on hide
********Remote control - the option to allow administrator to control the box
********Set parental lock pin key
- (New) Button Info
********Subscription information
********Device information
- (New) Vod has more info, like added date
- (New) Popup(choice) before exiting applications
- (New)Notify users when there is an new update available, they can also update themself.
- (New)Notify users when there is an new update available, they can also update themself.
********Main menu
- (New) Fix for enigma 2.2 and 2.5
- (Improvement) Back to video (without reopening)
- (Improvement) memory leak
- (Improvement) video player
********VideoSize is shown
- (Improvement) Small Fixes code
- (improvement) Yellow button fix
- Sent message to all, update notify, self update.
- Mac issues fixed
- added favorites