What is Enigma2?

Enigma2 is an opensource Linux operating system that has an intuative GUI (graphical user interface), many useful features such as favorites, Picons(Channel icons), recording, third party plugins and many more. Enigma2 images are provided free of charge by many third party developement teams. There are images different images makers like OpenPLi, OpenATV, OpenViX, Blackhole and VTI. These different image teams support different receivers, not all teams provide image / firmware support for all makes models, this variates from team to team.

XtreamTV is a plugin which can be used on Enigma2, the plugin works only with Xtream-Codes IPTV panel. The application will make the life easier for the customers end users. The XtreamTV works in a very secured way, because the authentication part is dynamically. It gets also realtime data, so if the administrator make modifications it will be directly seen by the end users. There are also features as EPG, TV archive(recorded content of server), categories and many more features.

The features of XtreamTV
– MAC authentication
– Watching live streams
– Secured authentication
– Short EPG / Full EPG
– TV Archive
– Remote management (sending messages, making screenshots, restart box, restart gui)

There will come soon many more features..